• Prosthetist & Orthotist Team

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    Eric Ng, CO(c), CPO(HK)

    - Certified Orthotist

    - Mainly located in Vancouver & Chilliwack locations

    Eric joined Pentlands in 1996 as an orthotic technician. A year later, he became an Orthotic Resident. Eric received his Certification in Orthotics in 2001 and is an integral part of Pentlands, complementing the company’s philosophy and focusing on patient care.

    Eric focuses on different levels of lower limb orthotic services, easing new clients into a better understanding of their orthotic treatment and expectations.

    Having immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1995, Eric received 3 years of prosthetics and orthotics education under the health department of the Hong Kong government. He has gained extensive experience in the field of prosthetics and orthotics after serving in different hospitals.

    Eric has 2 daughters, Karen and Sara. They have both graduated from a local university and are in pursuit of their careers. Eric loves nature and cycling. His dream is cycling with his Brompton, following the path of Genghis Khan from China to Europe through Central Asia after retirement.

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