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    At Pentland’s Prosthetic & Orthotics Services, we enjoy receiving feedback from our clients. Starting this fall (2022), besides our physical review form, we wish to receive more online reviews to help us to improve our services. It tells us what we’re doing right and how we can improve. Please feel free to take a moment to read the comments we’ve received recently from satisfied customers.

    Highlights of Google & Facebook Reviews in 2022

    Last Updated on December 2, 2022


    "I have been a client of Pentlands since 2007. When I was preparing for my below knee leg amputation I was looking around for a prosthetic place and a prosthetist. When I walked into Pentlands, I had a feeling of calmness and peace right away, after meeting Dana and having my assessment with him, the care, friendliness and professionalism that he gave, I knew I found the perfect prosthetist and place for me to be. Dana had prepared for my amputation even before the day of my surgery, and he was in the surgery room with the surgeon to put on a post-op prothesis system and soon as the surgeon was finished doing his part, which would help my limb health better, and more quickly. From that day on, Dana quickly became family to me, like a big brother, providing friendship, care and love on everything he did to help me. It wasn’t long before I had developed great friendships with the rest of the staff at Pentlands and felt so cared for by the way they all took me on and made me feel apart of the Pentlands family. Dana gave and provided me with such amazing care, professionalism, love and friendship for 13 years and he would go out of his way to help me with my needs and issues. About 4 years ago, I went to see Dana for an issue with my leg, and as I sat at Dana’s bench I saw a new prosthetist in training at the bench next to him, a wonderful lovely lady named Leah…only to find out that 2 yrs before, that I was Leah’s volunteer patient at BCIT when she was there doing her training. When we both recognized each other there were smiles, laughter and hugs. This was a good setup for Dana to move me over to Leah for her to learn on me and gain valuable experience and knowledge being trained by Dana. From that day, Leah became my prosthetist, and I feel so grateful for it as Leah and I had met a couple years earlier and knowing that she has been trained by Dana, I am being left in great hands with her. And our friendship has flourished and Leah is doing such great work for me. With all the new staff at Pentlands, the warmness, friendliness and care you get from everyone there, makes Pentlands a great place to be, you always feel appreciated and welcomed. The staff truly care about you. Thank you Pentlands for all the great years, and here is to many more 🙏🏼❤️ - Message on Facebook from "Martin Thomson" at Vancouver Clinic


    "My experience at Pentland's has been exceptional. The service Leah and the team provided me was personalized. Every question was answered, every step explained, and the follow up is always there, talk about attention, Pentland's is the definition of attention to the client. Thank you very much guys." - From "Pedro Briceño" at Vancouver Clinic


    "I got a knee brace a couple months ago, had great service right from the start. Had a couple of follow ups to make some minor adjustments. Brace works well and have less pain now. It does slip a little after sweating but other than that very happy." - From "Dave Bars" at Chilliwack Clinic


    "The team at the Chilliwack Pentland's have been very professional as well as helpful in making sure my orthotics are working as they should. I would recommend this clinic to family and friends." - From "Chris Humphries" at Chilliwack Clinic


    "I got a brace for my broken arm here a month ago it was really easy to make an appointment, the workers there are very caring and helpful as well! Highly suggest making an appointment if you are in need of any casts, braces, or prosthetics!" - From "Jared Boone" at Chilliwack Clinic


    "The staff were so helpful and kind. The brace gives me way more support and once it was adjusted , feels guite comfortable. I would certainly recommend these fine people, says Jack." - From "Jackie Chambers" at Chilliwack Clinic


    "Customized perfect prosthetics every time, super service, great one on one experience, and amazing attention to detail. since 1993 I have used Pentlands for my Prothetic Legs and would never change." - From "Steve Harris" at Vancouver Clinic


    "I would like to thank Pendlands Chilliwack for making a new strap for my 8 year old AFO brace while I waited ( it did not take long ) at a very reasonable price.
    Out standing service." - From "C&G Ruddick" at Chilliwack Clinic


    "I was recommended to Pentland's by my Ortho Surgeon. I can't believe how my new knee brace has helped me with pain from walking. I am now able to go for long walks with my dog, something I haven't been able to do for a couple of years now. While the knee brace is fairly pricy it's been worth every penny to me to improve my quality of life. I would recommend Pentand's to anyone. The staff are very friendly and know their product well." - From "Ann McGrail" at Chilliwack Clinic


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  • Forty Years Together

    From Gladys Radek

    Good day, my wonderful team at the Vancouver Pentland’s office! I just wanted to say thank you, to each and everyone of you, for your invaluable services to me for so many years.


    It has been such a pleasure to be greeted by Noreen, with her big beautiful smile and warm heart. She welcomed me to Pentland’s back in 1977, when I made the choice of becoming an amputee. Noreen made me feel comfortable about my decision, immediately. Her welcoming smile made me feel at ease and I was no longer afraid. She accepted me for who I am, a woman who needs a leg. Throughout the years we have become good friends.


    Then I met Dave Dillon who did his utmost to make a difficult alignment of my leg into mastering walking again. Miraculously Dave and his team did everything they could to make me walk and succeeded to keep me out of pain all these years.

    When Dave Dillon retired I was introduced to Dana, whom I now refer to as my “Leg Man.” Dana has done everything in his power to keep me walking with no pain. The stability of the legs he has built for me, over the years, gave me the comfort, strength and stability to organize and participate in walks across and throughout the country; to raise awareness about the far too many Missing and Murdered Women and Girls in Canada.


    We walked for this National Inquiry, which is a small stepping stone into ending Violence against Women and Girls in this country. When the media found out I was an amputee, I refused to talk to them about my leg because it was not about me. It was about the hearts and souls of the families who have lost their loved ones to violence. No desire to be another Terry Fox or Steve Fonyo, I just wanted this country to open their eyes on the ongoing violence against women, which is still happening today.


    A huge thank you to our newbie Leah, whom I refer to as “Bubbles”, because of her bubbly personality, is a great addition to your staff! I totally love her and think she will be great for all the clients. Leah is definitely a keeper.


    Last, but not least, a huge thank you to Chris! It has been at least 5 years since I have a replacement leg. We walked from Vancouver to Ottawa and from Membertou, Nova Scotia to Prince Rupert, British Columbia, and on mini walks in between, with my organizations Walk4Justice and Tears4Justice. Chris, thank you so much for relieving me of being ashamed of being an amputee. That shame no longer exists, and awareness of our cause is now visible. I wear skirts and shorts proudly!


    A huge thank you to all of you for being such a significant part of my life. It is because of you that I walk tall and proud.

  • Rowing to Success

    Stu Chase

    “Just wanted to pass along sincere thanks to you at Pentland’s for the care I received this past year in the reformation of my prosthetics for paddling. The many adjustments and iterations paid off in spades this year: A bronze and a gold at this year’s Canadian Canoe Association national championships, and a further two bronze and another gold at the Canadian Canoe Association masters championships.”

    Never Have I Experienced Better Care

    Mike Neitzel

    “Living with the restrictions to lifestyle and daily living that are the central part of being an amputee is not easy. I am sure I am not alone when trying time and time again to improve my life by trying to achieve more and higher goals. The prosthetic device is the connection between body and the world around us; for 26 years I have looked for the best way to deal with my disability, and to reach my goals in spite of it.


    Never have I experienced better care, felt better understood, been treated with more enthusiasm and goodwill, or had support for all my wishes and concerns before going to Pentland’s just a few short months ago. I had no idea how rewarding it would be to work with the Pentland’s staff. Thank you!”


    Award-winning filmmaker and television producer, best-selling author, left-handed classical pianist, Dobro player, international charter boat captain and sailor.

    So Grateful For A Wonderful Gift


    I have suffered from chronic pain for four years. After an accident and multiple surgeries, I was left with advanced osteoarthritis in my right ankle, coupled with pain from deformed bones and inflammation. I could only walk 20 minutes every other day because the pain was so severe. My doctor had me on narcotics to help control the pain, but I really missed my life before the accident. I used to walk everywhere, be very social, stay out in the sun, and be able to carry my own groceries. After my accident, that was all taken away. I had sadly fell into depression, and lost my spirit because I thought I had to accept that this was the way my life would be for the rest of my years. Thankfully, I meet an orthopedic doctor who diagnosed my condition, and recommended a special off-loading brace. It was the first hint of hope I had in four years.


    After many doctor meetings, and searching for the right orthotic place, I finally came across Pentland’s. I met Vanessa, and little did I realize that this angel of a woman would change my life. Vanessa sat with me during the first consultation and answered all my questions. She also told me that that Pentland’s could make me a custom made off-loading brace that would hopefully help with the pain, and maybe, just maybe, give me some of my life (and spirit) back.


    After meeting with Vanessa, and seeing the Pentland’s professionally run office and workshop, I decided to have my brace designed by them. After my brace was designed and I got called in for the first fitting, I was so thrilled I could hardly breathe! ‘Murphy’, (the nickname for my brace), was absolutely stunning and perfect! It was made with the finest materials, to my exact specifications and needs, and the leather they used was so soft! I got to wear Murphy home that day.

    The initial service and follow-up service I received from Pentland’s was truly amazing. I felt Vanessa really cared about my wellbeing and was so kind and patient to work with. Her smile and cute sense of humor was a delight whenever I stepped through the doors.


    It has been one month now since I have been wearing Murphy, and he has truly changed my life. Not only has the pain decreased substantially, but I am able to walk up to FOUR times more than I used to!! I get a smile on my face now every time I take the bus, and suddenly realize I can WALK the way instead!! He has opened the door for me once again to my social life, my ability to walk, and I tire so much less now because I don’t suffer in as much pain. Murphy is truly a miracle come true, and I am SO grateful to Pentland’s for making me this wonderful gift. But most of all, I am grateful for Vanessa, because she not only gave me a reason to smile again, she gave me my spirit back.


    Thank you.

    Very Comforting Relationship

    Richard L.

    “My relationship with my Prosthetist is a very comforting relationship that will continually be built upon. Any questions or concerns that I had were taken into consideration regardless of how trivial they might have seemed. I would like to personally thank all who work at Pentland’s for their care and their professionalism in such a personal and delicate manner. Thank you for giving me not only my leg, but my life back as well.”

    Care, Compassion and Personal Attention

    Paul W.

    “As a below elbow amputee, I’ve been wonderfully supported by Pentland’s since 1988. While my primary prosthesis is a myoelectric arm with an Otto Bock Greifer, I also have been provided with a standard, cable-driven and harnessed arm. I cannot say enough about the professionalism and technical ability that I’ve experienced with Pentland’s. However, more importantly to me, I feel most strongly about the care, compassion and personal attention that I receive from my Prosthetist and all the people at Pentland’s. For true, person-centred support, I think Pentland’s is the place to go.”

    Pentland’s Delivers A Great Product With Awesome Service

    Paul B.

    “As an active above-knee amputee, I appreciate the fact that Pentland’s has been able to maximize my recreational activities and make sure that I can get through the daily rigors of work and travel. In the 14+ years I have been with Pentland’s they have worked with me to ensure the best possible fit and to create a prosthetic that truly works for me. They don’t believe in ‘off the shelf’ solutions. All the staff members are dedicated and willing to go the extra mile for clients. Whether it’s a high tech solution for best mobility while working in rough terrain or a low tech solution that is going to get wet while swimming and sailing, Pentland’s truly delivers a great product with awesome service. And hey, they make a pretty good cup of coffee, too!”

    Kind, Compassionate Care


    “What can I say about a company that I just recently became involved with? Better yet, what’s not to say? I recently became an amputee as of November 2013, due to a work accident. There are a lot of emotional mountains that unfortunately came with this life-changing event. From the very first time my wife and I walked into this clinic, we were both set at ease with the kind, compassionate care that was shown to us.”

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