• Pediatric Services

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    Pediatric Prosthetics

    At Pentland’s, we specialize in custom prosthetics for children with limb differences. Working closely with families, we design prosthetics that support a child's growth and active lifestyle. Focused on functionality, comfort, and superior aesthetics, we provide comprehensive, attentive care from initial consultation to follow-up. Our goal is to help young clients confidently thrive with adaptable prosthetics tailored for their evolving needs.

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    Pediatric Orthotics

    At Pentland's, we provide tailored, lightweight orthotic solutions for children. Our team ensures a perfect fit and comfort, focusing on durable orthoses that support your child's development and mobility. We work closely with families, offering continuous support and adjustments as the child grows. Our approach is to create a significant positive impact on the child's daily life, empowering them with custom-designed orthotic devices.

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    Cranial Remolding Orthoses

    At Pentland’s, we specialize in Cranial Remolding Orthoses (CROs) for babies with deformational head shape conditions, such as plagiocephaly, as well as craniosynostosis. Our comprehensive treatment, involving precise scanning for custom helmet fitting, typically spans 3-6 months, with 23 hours of daily wear. We provide detailed guidance, regular follow-ups, and personalization options for a comfortable and effective journey.

  • Your Child's Care Journey

    At Pentland’s Prosthetics and Orthotics Clinic, embarking on a journey in pediatric prosthetics, orthotics, or cranial remolding orthoses marks a significant step for both your child and your family. With a commitment to support and guidance at every stage, our dedicated team ensures a path that is as comfortable and informed as possible. This guide outlines what you and your child can expect as you begin this new and important journey with us.