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    Customized Prosthetics in Vancouver, Surrey, Chilliwack & Prince George


    As a Vancouver 2010 Medical Services team member, we are proud to provide prosthetic repair and replacement services to athletes during the 2010 Winter Paralympics in Vancouver.

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    Upper & Lower Limb Loss

    The team at Pentland’s are experienced in providing prosthetic treatment for all levels of upper and lower limb loss or absence, including the following:

    • Partial feet
    • Symes or ankle dis-articulations
    • Trans-tibial (below the knee)
    • Knee dis-articulation
    • Trans-femoral (above the knee)
    • Hip Dis-articulation
    • Hemi-pelvectomy
    • Partial hands
    • Wrist disarticulation
    • Trans-radial (below the elbow)
    • Elbow disarticulation
    • Trans-humeral
    • Shoulder disarticulation
    • Forequarter amputation
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    Lower Extremities Prostheses

    For those interested in lower extremity prostheses, we are able to provide a wide range of treatment options, including the following:

    • Dynamic energy return feet
    • Microprocessor controlled knees
    • Swimming prostheses
    • Partial feet prostheses
    • Running prostheses
    • Cosmetic restoration prostheses
    • Vacuum-assisted suspension
    • High impact AVT or snowmobile prostheses
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    Upper Extremity Prostheses

    Regarding upper extremity prostheses, we are able to provide a wide range of treatment options, including the following:

    • Conventional body-powered prostheses
    • Myoelectric prostheses
    • Cosmetic restoration prostheses
    • Partial hands or finger prostheses
    • Multi-articulating hands such as the iLimb or BeBionic hand
    • Robust work prostheses
    • Specialized recreation prostheses (biking, fishing, weight lifting…)
    • High impact ATV or snowmobile prostheses
  • The Prosthetics Process

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