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    Harsh Pandya, B.P.O

    - Orthotic Resident & Business Development Coordinator

    - Mainly located in Chilliwack location

    Harsh Pandya has completed his Bachelor’s in Prosthetic and Orthotics from India. He received his college education in India which happened to have the biggest hospital in Asia with over 7000 beds—gaining lots of exposure and experience in Prosthetics and Orthotics.


    His experience ranges from MNCs and NGOs to working in his Clinic as a Co-founder and running his NGO (non-profit). He is a person who will do his best to satisfy his patient’s needs, and he is Motivated and a great team player working for Job Satisfaction.


    He moved to Canada in 2015 and Joined the Pentlands family in 2018. Starting with the technical duties, Harsh is currently in the process of recertification in Canada. In his additional time, Harsh likes to spend time with family.

    Government Prosthetics and Orthotics College Bachelor’s in Prosthetic and Orthotics

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