Fitting an Osskin Custom Knee Brace

At Pentlands, our team is continually experimenting with the latest materials and techniques. Every member of our team is working to satisfy the needs of every client by exceeding their expectations, every day.

Let's check out the orthotics service at our Chilliwack location - fitting an Osskin Custom Knee Brace - The world’s first SLS 3D printed custom unloader knee brace.

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EVOKE™ FEATURES - Built Around Human Factors and Ergonomics

Evoke is designed and engineered around each leg and patient’s needs, with the goal to maximize comfort and increase mobility. Combining high performance aircraft-grade Polyamide 2200 material with software aided design, an ultra low-profile frame design, a hinge that tracks the natural motion of the knee, and the lightest engineered rigid knee brace in the world, the Evoke is unlike any other knee brace.

More details about the Osskin Evoke Brace: